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Whether you’re applying for your first entry level job or striving to secure an executive position, we’ll make sure that you are prepared to succeed.

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What sets Ecademy apart is our curated content that teaches you up-to-date industry knowledge and provides you with tangible resources that you can use beyond our workshop! 


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Teamwork makes the dream work! By coming together with other professionals in the workforce, we can provide jobseekers with the tools they need to succeed in their careers.


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Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, and more! We'll work directly with you to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward. Whether it be online or on paper, let us help you tell your best story!

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Here at Engineered Careers, we devote ourselves to helping the entire workforce demographic. We do so by providing editorial services, job search strategies, and workshops/events to accelerate your career progress! Whether you’re applying for your first internship or striving to secure an executive position, we’ll make sure that you’re prepared to Tell Your Best Story!

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“For those who are nervous about interviews, it’s okay to be! As long as you take your time to answer the questions, your interviewer will know you’re not rushing your thoughts and that you’re someone who is careful and methodical”

- Katarina Le
Legal Clerk Intern @ District Attorney’s Office of Riverside County

“Attend online webinars for job seekers on LinkedIn. I met so many people through the webinars after leaving my LinkedIn profile and got to network with a lot of people interested in the same field.”

- Amy Zhou
Marketing Specialist Intern @ Amazon Web Services

“My advice is to find your story and what sets you apart from others. I found my passion for data through basketball and how Kobe Bryant studied his opponents to improve his game. Being able to share your passions with companies you want to work for helps you stand out from your competition!”

- Arnold Banh
Business Analyst @ Kaiser Permanente

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