October 17, 2019

Job Search

It happens. Sometimes you need a day off work before you start. You’ve been applying to jobs for months and figured that it’ll be awhile before you get a job offer. Why not plan a trip? Since you’re not working, now is the perfect time to go on a vacation! Pack Your Bags, Buy a […]

A Day Off Work Before You Even Start

October 16, 2019

Job Search

Are you getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile? If you didn’t know already, LinkedIn has a great feature which allows your colleagues and connections to acknowledge your skills and expertise. This is through LinkedIn endorsements which can help you highlight your greatest strengths to people outside of your network and to recruiters too! […]

Securing LinkedIn Endorsements

October 15, 2019

Job Search

When you’re filling out the job application for any company that you’re applying for, you’ll most likely be asked for job references too. Whether you know it or not, your references that you put down play an impactful role in your hiring process. You want to put down references that speak highly of your skills […]

Why You Need Great Job References

October 2, 2019

Job Search

You got your first offer in your inbox, great! But then you get another so what do you do now? It doesn’t happen too often, but you may come across a situation like this where you’re going to deal with deciding between 2 job offers. Know the right steps to take so you can make […]

Deciding Between 2 Job Offers

September 27, 2019

Job Search

Tracking your accomplishments at work is a great habit to pick up. From the day-to-day activities to large-scale projects, we usually just move on to the next task at hand. For your own benefit, writing down what you did and what you’ve achieved at your company can play a big role in your professional career. […]

The Importance of Work Achievements

September 11, 2019

Job Search

You’re tired of your current job and you want to switch it up. So what are you going to do? Just get up and leave? You need a plan of action. You need to be prepared. It’s great that you want to take the next step for your career but you need to know what […]

Job Searching While on the Clock