March 8, 2020


There’s more to working at a company than the pay and benefits. Many people forget about the company culture and the workplace environment. Our friends over at the balance careers even go so far as to say it is one of the most important factors when determining employee satisfaction. If you don’t fit in with […]

Avoiding a Toxic Workplace

March 1, 2020


Our mental health is one of the most important factors that keep us going at work. However, there may be external factors that we can’t control which can affect us and potentially cause us physical/mental harm. We may not experience it ourselves, but bullies at work are very much a real issue! Some examples of […]

Dealing with Bullies at Work

February 23, 2020

Building Your Brand

If you’re ever scrolling through LinkedIn or any social media platform, you’ve probably come across dozens of posts of your connections sharing their accomplishments and achievements. That’s awesome! You’re happy for your friends and yet you can’t help but feel sort of sorry for yourself. You start comparing yourself to others and that can be […]

Comparing Yourself to Others (Don’t Do It!)

February 16, 2020


Before entering into the workforce, much of our emails were just between friends, casual and rarely used as a main form of communication. Texting, calling, etc. are all much quicker and efficient means of getting information across. However, in the workplace, this is the main form of communication and sometimes the only means! Make sure […]

Work Email Etiquette for Best Response

February 13, 2020

Building Your Brand

You may or may not know that your social media presence can play a big role when trying to land a job. According to a CareerBuilder survey, up to 70% of employers will use your social media profiles to screen you before reaching out for an interview request. Yikes! What Are These Companies Looking For? […]

Managing Your Social Media Presence

September 28, 2019

Building Your Brand

As a career professional, you want to make sure that you’re the best in the business to compete with everyone else. Having a degree is the norm and it doesn’t give you as much of a competitive edge anymore. One of the best ways to stand out is to take advantage of courses and training […]

Online Courses to Help You Get Ahead